1. Customer is responsible for all materials placed in container.

2. Customer will not place biohazard or hazardous waste in containers.

3. Customer will provide accurate billing information and instructions as to location for delivery and service of container.

4. Customer agrees to hold harmless Handy Can Disposing & Recycling, Inc. and its employees for property damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of delivery service, or removing container except if caused by Handy Can Disposing & Recycling, Inc.'s negligence. Handy Can Disposing & Recycling is NOT responsible for providing or placing plywood or other materials to protect driveways or lawns, nor do we assume any responsibility for any damages to driveways or lawns.

5. If driver must wait due to customer request, blocked container, waste above level of container, or over load weight, customer agrees to a minimum additional $175.00 charge. If driver is unable to place or pull container due to any of the above conditions a minimum trip fee of $175.00 will apply.

6. Customer agrees to pay for all charges incurred and to have at least one service every 14 calendar days. Daily charges will apply after the 14 days if dumpster is not exchanged or pulled.

7. Customer agrees to minimum service listed above. Handy Can Disposing & Recycling, Inc. can terminate agreement, remove container, and charge applicable service fees. A new agreement is required before a container can be redelivered.

8. Customer agrees not to over-fill the dumpster (beyond the edge of dumpster). An over-filled dumpster may allow debris to fall out and damage other cars and trucks and it's against the law to transport an over-filled dumpster. Handy Can reserves the right to refuse to pick up an over-filled dumpster. The Customer will be responsible for removing the excess debris and a $175 trip fee will apply.

9. Customer will provide credit card information to guarantee charges incurred by this agreement.

10. Dumpster fees are charged to credit card prior to dumpster delivery. All charges are due when invoiced. Customer will provide email or fax information. Invoices will be sent via email or fax after each service is complete. Credit cards will be charged the next business day after invoice is sent unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery of container.

11. If payment arrangements are made other than stated above and payment is not received as agreed, customer authorizes Handy Can Disposing & Recycling to charge the credit card on file for all charges incurred.

By check this box the Customer named above, accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Handy Can ROLL OFF SERVICE AGREEMENT